Recruiting Team

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Recruiting Team

Sourcing only the best-skilled technicians to service your customers and represent your brand, our system for recruiting is incredibly in-depth. When advertising we set hard requirement standards, then we drive our technicians to outperform with incentives to grow.

Using Calendar forecasts, your service expectations, applicant testing services for individual market goal tracking to drive productivity, Custom Communications is able to ensure our technician force meets your standards. Rejecting 33% of initial applications, we use live screen and in-person interviews with local managers to verify all applicants qualifications. Once part of the Custom Communications team, we encourage technician growth with a local manager bonus structure and certification incentives. New recruits can pair themselves with lead, senior or master technicians. If the new technician performs well once on their own, the senior can earn commissions based on the mentee’s performance. With pay based on KPI performance, advanced certifications, business rules, and new tech coaching; our mission is to maximize the quality of technicians used nationally.

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