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IT staff & platforms

The system behind the team.

Our dedicated in-house IT staff and web-based system drives our ability to quickly adapt our platform to your service needs. With ongoing development of our central operations application Workflow™, we have structured our internal team to adapt your current data to our system.

Elevating the ability to process fulfillment needs with accuracy and efficiency, we work with Rails, Angularjs, PostgreSQL interfaces as well as AWS and AWS RDS. Also using VPN + MFA Access Control, the security of all information is a priority.

Committed to provider growth, our highly adaptable and secure internal system helps your business run smoother with ease of management.

Our Central Application

A one of a kind system!

Our proprietary database performs customer data warehousing through API Integrations, Vendor Inventory management, contractor performance grading, client reconciliation, and work order management. Featuring real-time tracking and management, our system allows us to perform virtually unlimited same day work orders and installs. Able to live track and manage mobile inventory with strategic timing and placement; we are also able to manage real-time invoice reconciliation. With a goal of customer and subcontractor retention; our system is designed to keep your business in demand with the reduction of chargebacks, improved subcontractor payment, faster work order fulfillment, and better accounting as well as cost controls. All of this leading to better customer retention and the growth of your business.

recruiter custom communications

Recruiting Team

Sourcing only the best-skilled technicians to service your customers and represent your brand, our system for recruiting is incredibly in-depth. When advertising we set hard requirement standards, then we drive our technicians to outperform with incentives to grow.

Using Calendar forecasts, your service expectations, applicant testing services for individual market goal tracking to drive productivity, Custom Communications is able to ensure our technician force meets your standards. Rejecting 33% of initial applications, we use live screen and in-person interviews with local managers to verify all applicants qualifications. Once part of the Custom Communications team, we encourage technician growth with a local manager bonus structure and certification incentives. New recruits can pair themselves with lead, senior or master technicians. If the new technician performs well once on their own, the senior can earn commissions based on the mentee’s performance. With pay based on KPI performance, advanced certifications, business rules, and new tech coaching; our mission is to maximize the quality of technicians used nationally.

Operations Call Center Support Team

Always there for your customers needs.

We provide a dedicated call center that monitors and manages all work orders. Enabling direct relationships between you and your customers, our call center is able to accelerate and guarantee satisfaction of fulfillment. Boasting a system of real-time communication between provider, customer, and technicians; we are able to track work orders and send out technicians based on location, on-hand inventory, and experience. To ensure quick resolution of issues, our call center team performs manual interventions based on exceptions. Twice daily we reconcile all work orders with exception reviews of arrival, labor, equipment, invoices, and closeouts. Working together with you, our manual call center accelerates the efficiency of servicing your customers while maintaining your high standards of quality. For example when a customer isn’t home or must reschedule as well as offering same day routing as late as 4pm, Custom Communications call center handles any and all situations with ease.


Our mission is to help your business grow with satisfied customers and excellent service.

In order to do just that, we have a dedicated shipping fleet as well as a number of warehouses in place to ensure your customers never have to wait for parts to complete a work order, our resources allow us to personally manage private provider products and equipment. Providing you with an unbroken chain of equipment custody, we are able to ensure swift fulfillment as well as security. For small parts return to vendors, we track USPS with API technology. Always ready to take on your companies specific needs, we have the capacity and capability to adapt to individual provider contract requirements.

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