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From device repair to communications installations and more, the business of technical in-home customer servicing is what we do. With a focus on providing exceptionally skilled technical teams for a variety of services, our highly adaptable fulfillment system allows us to efficiently meet your unique service contract requirements.

Appliance Repair Technicians

When an in-home appliance breaks, our trusted team of repair professionals arrive onsite fully-equipped and ready to work. 

Awarded the title of Samsung Branded Engineers, we are under contract and certified with Samsung to repair relevant in-home appliances. On top of that, our highly-skilled service experts are certified in the repair of most major brands. From normal maintenance checkups to missing parts or broken machines, we are dedicated to fixing home appliances with quality. TV, cooking, laundry, refrigerator, and more, no matter the need we can repair it. 


Device Repair Technicians

Fulfilling customer claims and repair requests quickly.

For example, when a customer breaks a cell phone or device, we have the capability to process the claim within hours as well as send an authorized technician to their door, that day. Not limited to cell phone repair we can adapt to your company’s specific needs. Our ability to track in-real-time as well as provide fast shipment of small parts, gives us the advantage of getting work done faster and better. Simply put, it’s our job to repair your customers devices while maintaining satisfaction and quality of experience.


Communications Technicians

Your customers require skilled technicians to ensure their point to point or network service works perfectly.

With us, your company can rely on a team of certified technicians to deliver, install, and service your equipment as well as maintain customer satisfaction. Working with an adaptable system, we have the capability to service internet, cable, satellite, and more. Our work force teams keep your subscriber based communications service running smoothly.

LED Lighting Installers

From coast to coast, we are on a mission to help large box stores and energy co-ops save millions of dollars in energy costs.

With a skilled team of commercial lighting technicians roving the country, we install and service commercial LED lights. Drastically cutting your use of power with energy efficient LED technology, our goal is to help your large business run better while spending less.

Audio-Video Installers

We work closely with service providers and companies that require delivery and installation of customer products or services.

From tv delivery to installation, mounting, speaker placement, network setup, smart tv setup, etc.; anything your customers need, we can do it. Upping the bar with vehicle fleets and warehouses, we are able to easily transport, pick up and store private company certified equipment. With us on your side, we make sure your customers and products are always well taken care of.

How we structure a work force…

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