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Install AudioQuest 'Pearl' 4k/8k HDMI Cable + $36

  • This cables makes a real difference with less distortion

  • Customers finally see and hear their system’s performance capabilities

Hear the full quality of your sound system for the very first time! Crystalize the audio and video quality of your home entertainment system by upgrading to an AudioQuest HDMI cable. Whether your sound is powered by a TV or a fully integrated surround sound system, this specialized AudioQuest cable is comprised of four powerful elements working together to deliver the content creators intended audio-visual experience while simultaneously removing the distortion caused by all other cables.

Install GE Surge Protector + $31.50

  • $400,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • 10-Outlet 2-USB Port Surge Protector
  • ULTRA charge your devices 35% faster

Take advantage of this $400,000 warranty for protecting all devices connected to this surge protector. GE’s professional grade 10-Outlet 2 USB Port Surge Protector features 10 grounded outlets with 3540 joules of surge protection and 2 standard USB ports providing 2.1 amps of charging power. ULTRA USB charging ports charge 35% faster! 

Install 'Polk Audio Smart Sound Bar' + $225

  • Bluetooth device connections

  • Wall mountable

  • Knock out the bottom end with an optional add-on sub woofer

  • Complete your surround system with optional add-on wireless real speakers

Forget those little TV speakers! Upgrade everything about your viewing experience with this Polk Audio Smart Bar. This blue-tooth wall-mountable soundbar fills your listening space with full range audio that will drastically improve everything about your listening experience whether you are gaming, watching TV or listening to music. 

  • This bar has exciting features like Voice Adjust to reproduce clear/crisp dialogue. It also has Night Mode, which lowers the bass and increases Voice Adjust without raising the master volume. This Bluetooth enabled bar has ports for HDMI (ARC), Optical, Analog 3.5mm to support various ways to connect to your existing setup. It also supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus.

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24/7 Professional Monitoring starts at just $44.99

Ask your technician to speak with a Specialist to find which plan best fits your home security needs 🙂