Jupiter 8K/10K HDMI Cable - $36

“The 100-year-old practice of “metal braid shielding” is not good enough!”


Upgrading to a Jupiter quality cable is the only way to prevent noise distortion caused by Radio, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite frequency interference.

All 19 HDMI Silver-Plated Copper conductors, A/V channels, eARC channel, and the communication and power conductors are Direction-Controlled to drain induced RF to where it will cause the least harm.

A metal-layer shield around the pairs improves noise-dissipation, further eliminating distortion and jitter effects you see when inferior cables allow strand interaction.

Jupiter can transfer up to professional 10K Ultra HD video while maintaining backwards compatibility with every HDMI display ever made.

Jupiter’s combination of technologies results in:

  • more realistic images with greater perceived depth
  • Superior sound by using superior metal and Noise-Dissipation
  • HDR content gets blacker blacks, brighter whites and better color saturation

AudioQuest’s HDMI cables are the best HDMI cables ever made for both listening and viewing.

Ask your technician to upgrade your home theatre experience today!