CCi Techs listed “Top 10 Best Performing Technicians in the Nation” | September 2020

Dear Branded Engineers,

It is our pleasure to announce the CCi techs that made our list of the top 10 best performing technicians of September 2020:

National rank #1 | CCi’s Melvin De La Torre of Atlanta, GA

National rank #5 | CCi’s Lonnie Russell of Greensboro, NC

The top 10 best performing technicians of the month are determined by Samsung, based on the following criteria:
□ KPI Performance: CMI (40%) / RRR (30%) / FTF (30%)
□ Minimum volume: 60 Repairs per month

We would like to show our appreciation for each tech in the top 10 and thank them for their continued efforts in providing world class service to our mutual customers!

Thank you,
Samsung Field Service