Luke Courtney

A powerhouse when it comes to overseeing the day to day operations of our company, Luke plays a key role in the development of Custom Communications and its exceptional working environment. Striving to reach new levels of excellence, he works everyday to build a dedicated team who loves what they do and their happiness. Boasting a diverse background and a passion for what he does, Luke has a unique ability to positively impact lives. This ability gives him an advantage when it comes to successfully problem solving in order to achieve success. With strong accomplishments as an on-site project manager in the heavy equipment industry as well as in the role of logistic manager of multi-million dollar shipments, he understands that the quality of environments directly relates to productivity. In his spare time, full enjoyment of life is Luke’s goals. Spending time restoring classic cars, riding dirt bikes, and operating heavy machinery, this is a man who loves to live in the fast lane.